Friday, August 17, 2007

I've gotten into a bad, bad habit

WARNING: If you don't like talking about poop, or if you don't poop, stop reading right now. You have been warned.

OK, this last week has been very annoying/frustrating. Here's why:

I like everything about running in the morning, and I like doing other things in the evenings. My runs have been faster/easier as well (I don't think that's because of the morning running, just training.) From a strict running standpoint, this week has been awesome. However, I am pretty 'regular'. Meaning, every morning, about 10-11 am, I go #2. This hasn't been a problem until I started running BEFORE 10-11 am.

Running makes me poop. But only if there is poop to be pooped.

On all 4 of my morning runs this week, about 1-2 miles into the run, part of the run is 'running to the toilet'. It really sucks. And today, a day where I haven't ran, I haven't pooped (it's about 3pm). It's like my body is waiting for me to start running to poop. I really, really don't want to get into that cycle. What am I supposed to do?

I am running the equivalent of a 1/2 marathon on Sunday, and I don't want to be interrupted by bathroom issues. For that matter, I don't want any of my runs to be interrupted by bathroom issues. This entire week, I have been worrying about this before I start my run, and like clockwork, I've had the serious need to go #2 about a mile into the run.

I don't know if anyone has had this issue before, but I am clueless as to how to change this cycle. I really want to keep running in the mornings if possible. HELP!


Marcy said...

Ooooooo that's a toughie. I (knock on wood) have yet to experience this. Usually if I drink Gatorade (or anything with a good deal of sugar) during my longer runs I have poo issues but it has always been 5 minutes after the run.

What about having a cup of coffee to clear your bowels before the run?

MorseyRuns said...

My first comment on your blog and it is about poop!
I have the exact problem so I usually get up a bit earlier and have a cup of hot water so I can go to the toilet before I start running. I googled this problem ages ago and it is quite common. We are not alone!

Shilingi-Moja said...

A bowl of All Bran (it's better with the sugar-free granola my wife makes) the night before might get you moving earlier. :)


Laurie said...

Ha! I've had this problem before too. And ummm, had to do my business in the weeds (and blogged about it).

I drink one cup of coffee right away in the morning and viola! problem solved.

Good luck!

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