Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Wet and Bored is not a good combination.

Yesterday was the first time it was raining when I was supposed to be running. This is the 4th week of my training and I have somehow managed to miss raindrops every time. So that brought me to a decision--run in the rain or go to the gym and get on a treadmill. I chose the treadmill and was actually glad that I did.

I was glad I chose treadmill because it forced me to run faster than I normally do. Well, I set the pace, but I couldn't slow down and get into a comfortable pace unless I wanted to end up like these guys did. (Thanks to Vanilla at half-fast for the original.....I laughed for a good five minutes and sent the link around the office. Fun was had by all.)

So with that being said, combined with the fact that my shoes are much lighter (Nike Pegasus v. New Balance 1222), I went out for 5k in 22:55. It felt good, and it felt fast. It didn't feel like I was at my usual pace, just shorter because I was on a treadmill. It felt fast. It felt good. Good and Fast is way better than Wet and Bored, eh?

On a related note: I know a guy who trains for his marathons on his treadmill exclusively. I don't know how his house is set up and where his treadmill is, but I am surprised he is still alive. Knowing that about him, I would constantly have his house on suicide watch. Just the thought of running on a treadmill every day upsets me, or at least makes me sad for him.

Music: Another Death From Above 1979 day. I really like them, and I recently found out that they broke up. Oh well.


RunnerGirl said...

Agreed - about the treadmill. I actually cannot run on one for some reason. I think that it is all mental... but I just don't have the mojo on one of those things!

Thank you for swinging by my blog! I really enjoy yours!

Missy said...

Ha! Love the treadmill graffitti!

Vanilla said...

Thanks for the link. I'm glad everyone enjoyed the videos. The treadmill has some redeeming factors but for the most part I HATE running on it.

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