Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Who are these old guys with no shirts?!?!

I run my 3-4 mile runs on a track near my house. It's a local high school track, and it totally does the job. However, there are always at least 2 (sometimes 3!) old, hairy men with no shirts on, walking around the track. If I get to the track early enough, sometimes I can catch them running (oh boy!), but usually by the time I get there, they are walking.

Now, I know it probably shouldn't bother me, but for some reason it does. I know it's Tennessee and it's hot, but those men should wear shirts! What's even worse, is that every time they walk by the exit of the track, I always glance over to see if they are leaving. They will walk around the track and when they get to the gate opening, they always go over near it, like they are leaving, but they just sit there for a couple of minutes, talk some more and get back on the track and keep walking!!!! (Why get off the track at all??)

My run Monday was fine. I was a little sore from 7 miles on Sunday, but it wasn't too bad. 24:45 for 3.1 miles, which is about 8:05 a mile. I'm OK with that, considering that I was sore/tired from Sunday.

Music: Ipod started on shuffle, then I moved it to Daft Punk. Daft Punk is electronic music, no (well, hardly any) lyrics, and I like it to run to because I can zone out and focus on running when it's playing. I want to get more of their stuff, I only have one album. It's really good running music.


ff_jeff said...

Just stopped by your blog through CRN. I'll be dodging bullets along with you.
Really Detroit has kinda cleaned up it's act lately. It is starting to be a place that you can a least go downtown and not worry too much.
I ran the half marathon there in 04, and the 3 years prior I ran the 5 km. I live just outside of Windsor and work in Windsor so we go over to Detroit to shop etc often.

Vanilla said...

Heh, I also found your blog through CRN. Maybe I should get mine on there too. Anyway, I couldn't agree more. I always see those guys running without shirts. Put a shirt on man! Even a mesh singlet would be better than shirtless!

Aquarium said...

When you run to something with a strong beat, do you feel like your steps have to match up with the beat? I find that puts me off a little, and was wondering how you cope with it.

Aquarium said...

Thanks for your reply on my blog. What I do now is try to ignore the beat, and only use the music as entertainment during my run. In the past I listened to a podcast called 'PodRunner', which has hour-long tracks at, e.g. 150bpm, 160bpm, etc. but their tracks are a bit on the slow side since I tend to run at 180bpm. Have you tried it?

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